Shirokuma·AI is a new AI company specialised in space systems and developing the interplanetary Internet.

We conduct fundamental, long-term research and industry work toward the creation of AI-driven technologies to power the solar system Internet.

Join us in shaping the future of space.


ShirokumaAI’s mission is to build and advance research and AI applications offerings to be deployed in extreme environments in which connectivity is subject to delay, disruption, and applications must be executed on resource constrained assets.  

Our research and technology developments leverage Federated Computation techniques on top of the Bundle Protocol to enable the deployment of AI systems. It fosters higher space exploration by increasing space link efficiency, utilisation and robustness by enabling more reliable and efficient data transmissions resulting in more usable bandwidth.

We have also developed the disciple of “SRE” – Space Reliability Engineering to embedd in our technologies concepts from Site Reliability Engineering. Our long term goal is to achieve scalable and reliable AI solutions that will align far more capable AI systems for space exploration.


Who is involved

Prof Dr Larissa Suzuki (BSc, MPhil, PhD)

Thiago Suzuki (BSc, MBA, PhD Candidate)


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Covent Garden
London, United Kingdom,